Cllr Daniel Humphreys

Cabinet Member for Resources

Daniel Humphreys is the Conservative Borough Councillor for Castle Ward

Daniel lives in the ward and is always out and about meeting neighbours and residents. As a parent of two young children he is keen to see that education services and provision for children and families, including the local libraries,  are protected as far as possible. He is also supportive of Government and local authority efforts to protect older citizens including the freezing of Council Tax for three years, the maintenance of pensioner entitlements like free bus passes, free prescritions and TV licences, the recent increase in Guarantee Credit and Cold Weather Payments and the largest ever rise in the state pension that the Government introduced this year.

On the Borough Council, Daniel serves on a number of committees and assists the Cabinet Member for Customer Services as Policy Adviser. This involves detailed work looking at issues such as improving the car parking arrangements in Worthing when the NCP contract comes to an end in 2014, reducing the subsidy that Council Tax payers give to our theatres and addressing the potential lack of primary school places in the borough.

Daniel believes that Worthing Borough Council is currently performingly excellently during a time of tough but necessary austerity. The partnership working with Adur District Council which was opposed by other political parties in Worthing is the key to achieving these successes. Some of the notable achievements that most excite Daniel are the delivery of the new swimming pool, which despite baseless claims to the contrary, has been judged by external auditors to have been delivered with 'detailed planning... and robust processes for negotiation'; the rolling programme of playground makeovers which includes improvements to the Pond Lane and Goring Recreation sites; and the retention of our excellent weekly wheely bin collection. A huge 'hats off' must go to the Council employees who deliver these services.

Daniel firmly believes that while times are tough in the public sector and in local government particularly, there are some great opportunities for local leaders to come through with innovative ideas to enact real change. That is why Daniel is eager to stand for election to West Sussex County Council and represent Northbrook residents at that level too.


Daniel has a BA Honours degree in Politics with Law and a Masters degree in Public Policy. He has worked across the public sector, advising senior officers and politicians on strategy and policy in local, regional and national government. He currently works for a Conservative MP and as Policy Manager for the Tourism Alliance, an umbrella body for the British tourism industry where he works closely with senior MPs from all Parties.

Daniel has succesfully completed triathlons and marathons for local charity 'Love Your Hospitals'.

He is married with two young children.